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Sirius Design and Technology, LLC is a contract engineering firm specializing in electrical aspects of product development, design and test.

Areas of expertise include:

Analog and digital circuit design.
Embedded processors and firmware.
DSP algorithms.
Battery power systems. (Battery powered devices and battery charger or maintenance devices)
Product test and manufacturability.
PCB and product design for environmental and regulatory compatibility (RF emissions, ESD and RF susceptibility, temperature performance, etc.)
Thermal scanning and imaging of power consuming assemblies. (Infrared imaging)
Schematic capture and PCB design. (Multisim/Ultiboard design tools)

Other Capabilities:

Through close association with firms offering mechanical and software design we are able to offer multidisciplinary services. These services could be small contained portions of a project you need help with, or could range up to full product design and test - from concept to manufacturing. We have combined product design experience of over 80 years, mostly with Hewlett Packard Company designing a variety of medical instruments.

Thermal Imaging

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