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Inovative new high end ultrasound system,  2011-2012

Analog aquisition and multiplexer boards.  These boards provide low noise acquisition of a large number of signals at high speed, format and transmit the data to a digital control board and then to a controlling computer.  The analog signal acquisition board has over 3400 parts and 16 layers with extensive plane and island design to preserve the low noise signals in a noisy digital environment.  Four 676 pin BGA FPGA's provide local control.  Formatted data is transmitted out at 48 Gb/sec.  For more information on this new ultrasound technology see:
MUX_bd-top-sm2.jpg Multiplexer Board
VTB-top-loaded1sm2-rot.jpg Signal Acquisistion Board


XLT Heartstream XLT Defibrillator,  1998-2000

System and main controller design.  Overall product validation, test, and regulatory qualification testing.  This was the last product designed by the resuscitation group of Agilent Technologies (previously Hewlett Packard, now Philips) in McMinnville, OR.


Inovise Heart Sound Detection Algorithm, 2001-2003

I developed the heart sound detection algorithm used in the Inovise Audicor product.  This was an extensive DSP algorithm project that involved data collection, biomedical research and sensitivity-specificity evaluation.  You can view the resulting published application at the USPTO  (20040267148   30Dec04  Method and System for Detection of Heart Sounds) or for a more easily digested treatment see the Inovise pdf referenced below.
You can see the Audicor products at  To see an overview aucoustic cardiography go here:


Large Industrial Research Test System, 2004

I can't tell you what it is (not that I don't know -it's proprietary to the customer) but it has 128 RF channels and puts out about 1.3kW of power.  On this project I did much of the system design and integration as well as design and layout of the multichannel output circuit boards.  This was a project co-ordinated between 7 local area engineering contractors including EE (analog, digital and RF), SW and ME disciplines.

System features:
System board size 13x14 inches. 
Real time OS with Windows running as an app.
High performance backplanes.
FPGA interface and control circuits.
128 programmable switching supplies.
128 synchronized DDS's.
Rack mounted 2kW power supply.
Matched delay clocks for 16  8 channel boards.
Matched delay signal routing for 128 channels.
Power Pad through the board thermal management.

Some additional photos of the components:

                            Output Cabling
                               Prototype circuit
                                 8ch Board 
2ch BD
                       2ch Prototype Board
                           1 Channel  
                           Output Board


Smaller Projects

Special Function Compact Flash interface card,  2005
CFtop CFbot